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TRADER with your broker, You will be credited USD 10,000 to be able to buy and sell shares or other financial products. Thus, the saver does not lose purchasing power and the currency would remain 'in circulation' (in reality it will hardly circulate, since, due to the Gresham Law, it will only accumulate for long-term savings or emergency purposes, and the public will prefer continue spending the fiduciary currency on a day-to-day basis as it is a lower-quality money).

In fact, all the coins that we carry in our pockets are also worth less in cash than their nominal value, and when this starts to no longer be the case, they leave the circulation or new, cheaper coins are coined (Even people melt them, to sell your metal to the weight and make a profit)
This will not happen with TRADER, whose value will be adjusted upwards in favor of the saver, which will thus maintain its purchasing power no matter how high inflation may be. Thanks to its value, the public's savings will remain 'afloat' with the passage of time.

Similarly, no one will want to sell a TRADER below the official price marked, and if it does, it is a great opportunity for the buyer of the TRADER, since it would gain purchasing power at the time of purchase.

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