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Bitcoin Cash (BCH), generated at block heights of 478,558, has been dedicated to bringing a reliable electronic cash to the world, fulfilling the promise of initial bitcoin as peer-to-peer digital cash. It has global seamless circulation, Permissionless innovation. Andrew Stone proposed the enable representative tokens via OP_GROUP on Bitcoin cash. OP_GROUP solution needs to modify the consensus rules of Bitcoin Cash. More specifically, it is similar to those of the popular ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum network.

The most controversial point of Bitcoin cash is the larger block than Bitcoin, which has now reached 32M. Regarding the problem of block expansion, the focus of debate and attention is always on improving the throughput of the blockchain, thereby increasing the transaction rate, but few people seem to worry about the delay. As the rate of mining machines continues to increase, the size of the blocks will become larger and larger. However, the crux of the problem is that the delay caused by increasing the block size cannot be solved by the Moore's Law of the hardware or the bandwidth growth rate (Nielsen's law). Large blocks require better data propagation speeds to counter node-centricization, but block size and data propagation speed increase are not always synchronized.
Last week, BitPICO's stress test on the BCH network showed that 98% of nodes on the Bitcoin cash network were running in the same rack server. In other words, 98% of the Bitcoin cash network services come from the same physical location. These servers are hosted in the Alibaba Cloud device, which is owned by online retail giant Alibaba. Now, the bitpico node has been disabled. But the behavior of bitpico has been recognized by the Bitcoin community in order to test the security of the network.
So in general, the block size is increasing, and its centralization effect will be more and more harmful to the BCH blockchain. From the results announced by BitPico, the BCH block size is 32MB, but its network propagation Speed has begun to have a delay problem. If 98% of the BCH nodes are in the same unit, the asset security of the blockchain may be a more concern before you consider investing in the scalability potential of the BCH.
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