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Auteur:  fruit [ 05 Jan 2016, 04:43 ]
Sujet du message:  Publicités suspectes !

Hi all members,
Today, I would like to introduce to you a new course in 2016, but I just had to be from a friend in the business world.

I hope to share this with me, will help you to quickly obtain useful courses in their library.

Advanced TradeStation Coding

“To be the best, you must learn from the best”

Are You a Trader Who is Looking to
Learn Advanced TradeStation
Programming Skills From One of the
Top Experts in the World?

Dear TradeStation User,

You already know that TradeStation is an extremely powerful tool for backtesting and automating your trading strategies. You can use TradeStation for everything from simple signal generation to simulating portfolio results along with automating your best strategies.

If you want to take full advantage of all the advanced trading tools and features TradeStation offers, and learn this from one of the top experts in the world, this advanced programming course is for you.

Learn From The Best – Your Instructor Stuart Okorofsky

A Note from Larry Connors:

Stuart Okorofsky has been my main TradeStation programmer since 1996. In fact, we will not allow anyone else to do our TradeStation testing and programming outside of Stuart. He’s world-class and he’s the only one we trust to do our TradeStation testing and programming.

If you are serious about properly testing, programming and automating your strategies in TradeStation, this is your opportunity to learn from the top expert in the world.

A Personal Message From Stuart Okorofsky

“My path to EasyLanguage Programming is quite a circuitous one.

I graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 1974 with a Degree in Computer Science. At that time, PCs did not exist, mainframes took up entire buildings, we used punch cards to write computer programs and there was no Internet.

After graduation I worked for McDonnell Douglas as a programmer. I was unchallenged by the corporate world so I quit and got involved in another profession.

One day in the early 1990s I got a piece of mail from Ken Roberts about trading Futures. I was fascinated by it and took his course. I got hooked on trading.

I saw a TradeStation demo at a trading seminar, bought the software and began writing code. Despite the fact that I hadn’t programmed in 20 years, it came back to me very quickly. Programming is a way of thinking and I had always been good at it.

At the time, there were only a handful of TradeStation Programmers so I began writing programs for other people. Before I knew it I had a full time business. I quickly accumulated so many clients that I stopped trading, transitioned out of my other business in order to program TradeStation full time.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve written indicators and strategies for hundreds and hundreds of clients. I still have clients that I code for who that have been with me from the very beginning of my career. Larry Connors is one of them.

My clients run the gamut from private traders to very large hedge fund managers. I have also worked with high profile authors like Tom DeMark, Walter Bressert, and Dave Aronson.”

Attend Our 2-Day Live Advanced Programming Course

On July 29 & July 30, Stuart will be teaching the very best TradeStation programming techniques used by professional traders around the world. By the end of this course, you will have the ability to do your own high grade testing and analysis that so many professional traders rely upon to improve their trading and investing returns.

Why Take This Course?

This advanced programming course delves into the power of TradeStation as a programming, backtesting & trading platform. If you are on TradeStation this advanced programming course will

Quickly allow you to find more (and better) trading opportunities
Streamline your trading process
Teach you how to program more advanced strategies for stocks, ETFs, options, futures and Forex.


TradeStation 9.1 or higher.
Basic familiarity with TradeStation EasyLanguage and the topics covered in the “Introduction to TradeStation EasyLanguage Programming” course.


We plan to cover a number of advanced programming topics in this course. We plan to go over in detail, line by line, three useful indicators:

The Timer allows you to execute code at any time, not just when a trade occurs in the underlying symbol.
The Quotes Provider allows you to get prices (last, bid, ask, etc.) for any symbol, not just the underlying symbol.
The PriceSeries Provider allows you to get historical and current price information for any symbol for any bar interval. These Objects are very powerful tools that greatly extend the capabilities of TradeStation programming.

We will then move further into TradeStation Object Programming. TradeStation Object Programming is extensive and one could spend months learning it. This course will introduce you to it. In addition to the three indicators which we just mentioned, we will include additional indicators that demonstrate the use of additional objects.

We will include the following topics:

Using Order Entry Macros. This allows you to trade hundreds of symbols at the same time from one RadarScreen.
Using Fundamental Data. Now you can combine fundamental data with your technical analysis studies. You’re likely very strong with technical analysis. Now imagine having the power of overlaying your technical studies with fundamental analysis.
TradeManager Functions. This gives you real-time access to your account and the ability to do position-sizing based on the value of your account.
More advanced EasyLanguage Functions including CountIf (), MRO(), IFF(), IFFLogic(), IFFString(), NumericRank(), SortArray().
Global Variables. Global Variables are a set of functions that allow you to pass information between charts and the RadarScreen. This knowledge will allow you to greatly expand your use of TradeStation.
EL Collections are a powerful set of functions. We will learn how to use these functions to read information from external files.
Portfolio Analysis using Portfolio Maestro. You will learn how to test multiple trading strategies along with multiple money management strategies.
Using multiple time-frames for trading. By combining time-frames you will be able see align longer-term trends with shorter-term trends to potentially capture larger moves.
Methods. This new feature in TradeStation is more useful than Functions and you will learn why in this course.
FileAppend - This gives you the ability to save information to a file. This information can be applied to plot an equity chart which you can then overlay indicators and strategies on this chart.
Using AnalysisCommentary as a debugging tool. This a little-known feature of TradeStation that can be very valuable, especially in assuring you have accurate test results.
Indicator “Same Tick Optimization”. You need to assure every tick is being recorded and evaluated and you will learn how to do this in this course.

Stuart’s Pre-Class Documentation Provided

Prior to the course, we will provide you with Stuart’s documents which include indicator and strategy templates, documentation on several functions, indicators, and documentation for Global Variables and EL Collections.

Code Along With Stuart

Throughout this course, you will be able to code along with Stuart. Stuart will give the exercise and then you will program the exercise along with him to assure you have mastery of the coding.

Your Competitive Edge

This course is for experienced TradeStation programmers who are looking to learn advanced programming skills to improve their trading results. Learning from one of the top experts in the world provides you with the opportunity to learn TradeStation programming skills the majority of TradeStation customers do not have.

Sign Up Today

The cost of “Advanced TradeStation Programming” is $1500. This course will be taught over two evenings on July 29 and July 30. Class will start at 4:30 pm EST and end each evening at 8:00 PM EST. You will receive two days of instruction, advanced knowledge on how to backtest your strategies, along with documents which include indicator and strategy templates, documentation on several functions, indicators, and documentation for Global Variables and EL Collections.
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This is it:


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Auteur:  fruit [ 06 Jan 2016, 04:08 ]
Sujet du message:  Bill Williams – Profitunity Home Study Course(SHARE)

Profitunity Home Study Courses

The Profitunity Home Study Program provides a comprehensive study course created to assist you to successfully trade stocks, bonds, futures, and Forex markets in the current markets.
The Profitunity trading course includes the basic trading methology currently being used by Bill Williams, which includes lessons on mastering the Alligator trading indicator, implementing trading Fractals, the Super AO, and the Bullish and Bearish Divergent Bars.

The Profitunity course is filled with well-researched, stimulating study material and our time-refined trading methodology, that will quickly get you on your path to trading success.

All versions of the Home Study Course include Profitunity Videos and Wiseman Indicators.

Our combination of Study Manuals, Daily DVD video instruction, Tip Sheets, Trading Partners, Trading Glossary, and Profitunity’s psychological training tools, gives you a multi-dimensional educational experience that also allows you to work at your own pace.

Profitunity Home Study Course Online Version

The Profitunity Home Study Online version includes all of the elements of the printed version of our Home Study course with the exception that certain elements of the course will come to you in electronic format and are listed below.

This version includes the Wiseman Indicators for our partner platforms, the Profitunity Video Lessons on DVD, Digital PDF versions of the Video Study Guide and Tutorial Manual, the Autogenic Training Mp3s, Wiseman Traders Tip Sheets, Trading Pads

Our combination of Study Manuals, Daily DVD video instruction, Tip Sheets, Trading Partners, and proprietary psychological training tools, gives you a multidimensional educational experience.
This is it:


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Auteur:  fruit [ 09 Jan 2016, 10:19 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: recherche outils ou ea (mt4)

Maintenant, je vais avoir quelques produits concernent environ MT4
Si vous vous souciez de lui, vous pouvez essayer dans ce lien: [code] ... 7809622862 [/ code]
heureux chanceux.

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Auteur:  fruit [ 09 Jan 2016, 10:54 ]
Sujet du message:  Re: recherche outils ou ea (mt4)

[quote="fruit"]Maintenant, je vais avoir quelques produits concernent environ MT4
Si vous vous souciez de lui, vous pouvez essayer dans ce lien: [code] ... 7809622862 [/ code]
bon chance,

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Auteur:  fruit [ 14 Jan 2016, 06:03 ]
Sujet du message:  Zamów Problemy zwykle na rynku komercyjnym?

Witam wszystkich jestem studentem pierwszego roku na uniwersytecie specjalizuje się głównie na handlu. Oczywiście, że trzeba dużo informacji związanych wiele na ten temat. Dlatego muszę znaleźć przyjaciół, zasilanie może być: kursy, narzędzia, książki, itp ....... edukacja przede wszystkim na handlu, forex. W rzeczywistości dzisiaj istnieje wiele dostawców, byłem bardzo mylić w wyborze,. tak, chcę odnieść pytania opinie są ludzie:
1 / kryteria wyboru strony sprzedaży?
2 / co trzeba z nim?
3 / salepage powinny unikać?
4 / dlaczego nie chcesz kupić?
Proszę podzielić się ze mną, co wiesz,
Czekam na informacje zwrotne

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Auteur:  fruit [ 16 Jan 2016, 09:51 ]
Sujet du message:  Larry Connors’ Top 20 Series: S&P 500 Trading Strategies(sha

Hi evryone=)
This is a new course that I get from a friend, I wanna share with everyone to work together to discuss it,
Beginning in 2015, Larry Connors will be managing money on a full-time basis. Therefore, this summer will be thefinal time that he will be teaching his strategies and research to the public.

Over the past 20 years, Larry has developed an enormous library of trading and investing research and indicators.

Now, he has chosen the very best of these strategies and will teach you to how to apply them in your own trading and investing for the rest of your life.

Beginning in July and until mid-September, he will be teaching his “Top 20 Strategies”.

The Top 20 Strategies represent the best of Larry Connors’ research. The strategies and research are not only what he believes to be the best; they are also the ones that the most number of customers have the highest level of success with.

Larry is hopeful that in teaching these strategies for the final time, you will have the same success.

The Top 20 Strategies will be taught for the final time as follows.

SOLD OUT! July 7 and 8 – S&P 500 Trading Strategies
SOLD OUT! July 19 – Swing Trading and Momentum Trading Strategies
SOLD OUT! August 15 – Trend Following Strategies
SOLD OUT! – Volatility Spikes Trading Strategies
SOLD OUT! – Short Selling and Put Buying
SOLD OUT! – Profit Target Trading Strategies

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More info:


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Auteur:  fruit [ 18 Jan 2016, 10:27 ]
Sujet du message:  Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass(SHARE)

Hi everyone=)
Professional Grade Online Trading Education

Become an Affiliate Partner

Welcome to the most comprehensive online Trading Education Courses available in the World. Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institutes Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

Course 1: Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Online Video Series

Course 2: Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Online Video Series

This is the brand new online Trading Education course from the Institute – the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass video series! Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institute’s Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.
You can go in this link :

I'm waiting feedback from you.

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