Defeating Bro-Tron in High on Life

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Defeating Bro-Tron in High on Life

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Squanch Games' first-person shooter, "High on Life," has its fair share of unique enemies and equipment voiced by hilarious celebrities. However, critics agree that the comedy in "High on Life" is not for everyone. But fans of Justin Roiland have likely already picked up this game and are busy playing through it for the first time.

The Skrendel Bros can be especially challenging for even the most adept High on Life players due to the chaotic nature of their move-set. But claiming this bounty is not only a literal achievement in-game, but it is also imperative for story progression and a lot of fun to conquer.

Defeating Bro-Tron in High on Life
Mona is undoubtedly the trickiest of the Skrendel Bros in High on Life, as his agility and erratic movements make him hard to hit. Like with the previous brothers, using Time Bubble is essential to slow down Mona for landing accurate shots. Players can also interrupt Mona's vicious flailing with a well-aimed Glob Shot from Kenny in High on Life. Once Mona has been dealt with, the three Skrendel Bros unite to form the real boss of the encounter, Bro-Tron. This portion of the fight begins with Bro-Tron creating a flurry of tornadoes that cover the entire chamber. Staying near the back walls will help players avoid being struck.

There are no new attacks during this phase, so players can employ the same techniques as before. Finally, once the second member is defeated, the fight is a breeze with just one brother to take care of.

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