Portfolio adjustment advice and recommendations?

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Portfolio adjustment advice and recommendations?

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Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well!

I've been practicing Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) with the following coins since January 2023: BTC, ETH, MATIC, LINK, SAND, GRT, ATOM, ADA, DOT, AAVE, OCEAN, and ZEC.

As I plan my strategy from January 2024 until the next bull run, I'm considering reshaping my portfolio. Specifically:

Adding some of these coins: SOL, INJ, XRP, ARB, AVAX, TIA, SNX, LDO, RLB, ICP, RNDR, IMX, AKT, CFG, GMX.
Removing some of these coins: ZEC, GRT, SAND, AAVE, OCEAN.
My goal is to achieve a 10x return. I've conducted extensive research from various sources to compile these lists, but I find it challenging to critically evaluate my choices.

What are your thoughts and recommendations?